I am a Mercurial Muscle Goddess 

Sweet and inviting one moment and bitchy and demanding the next!

The only rule I follow is my own!

As a truly charismatic, dynamic & versatile Master, I thrive from erotic energetic exchanges of a wide variety. While I will always respect your limits, I will encourage you to push them. I want to take you somewhere new and exciting. I am not only considered a Dominatrix, but an Erotic Experience Designer as well. I am known throughout the world for being an intense and sadistic FemDom. Men and women grovel at my beautifully pedicured feet to worship my massive muscular body. I will force my will upon you as you kneel cringing begging for mercy. You will show your gratitude to me as I allow you to crawl to me and lick my boots

There are many interests I enjoy sharing with my devoted slaves. Visit my service  page to see all my talents